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Which Jesus?

Which Jesus are you following?

Living in these days of glut, adverts and marketing packages offer more options than ever before. Products and services come in different versions.

Which Jesus have you chosenFat-free editions, if you can’t handle full version; Lite-editions, if you can’t afford the full version; Export-editions, for those with an acquired taste. For the elites, nothing less than the plus-editions. It’s got to be fully-loaded. If you’re young and impatient, there’s extra-strength version. And of course, classic editions,
for the die-hard purists.

Even the gospel, the message about Jesus is constantly being repackaged. Three kinds of Jesus are offered today: Jesus-Lite, Jesus-Plus, and of course Classic Jesus.

“Jesus is a pilot
He’ll take you to heaven,
Come as you are, stay as you are,
All are welcome, conditions are negotiable,
Your comfort is our priority”
That is the sales pitch for Jesus-Lite

Unrepentant rebels love this version.
Compromisers too.
This Jesus is fact-free,
Pared down for the truth-intolerant.
This is an easy Jesus, who makes no great demands.
He does not alter or upset your life-style,
Just pay your tithe, and whenever you get a chance,
Come to church, no sweating you.
The service too is lite,
Artificially flavored, zero nutritional value.
All hype, no Christ.
Come as you are, stay as you are.

“Value-added package.
70% more than previous issues.
Eternal life, is standard on all issues.
Options include bigger homes, flashier cars,
Hollywood quality lifestyles,
Victory over enemies,
and so much more…

This is for the luke-warm,
seed-among-thorns kind of Christian.
They want to follow,
but do not want to leave their nets.
Jesus alone will not do,
they’ve got to have the extras.
These would go to the promise land,
with the dainties of Egypt still in their teeth.
Jesus, for this crowd is like an heavenly delivery-boy.
If the pizza is cold, do not pay.
If the order does not show,
switch service provider i.e. denomination.
Fitting summary is
More hype, less Christ.

Jesus, Classic Edition
This Jesus,
the same yesterday, today and forever.
Unchanging with the fashion,
He is Redeemer, Savior and
He is demanding,
of your obedience and service.
He promises eternal life, blessings and persecution,
all in the same breath.

Little wonder, this is the least popular Jesus.
He appeals only to the desperate, the sincere and the real.

Editor’s Comment
Here’s a question for the preachers,
and another for the believers.
Preacher, of the three available,
which Jesus are you offering?
Believer, which Jesus are you following?

Knee-mail your replies to God@prayers.com

Niyi Adams
the authorNiyi Adams
Niyi Adams is an ordained minister who travels the world sharing the gospel. He ministers at numerous services, concerts, revival meetings and conferences. At least once a month he will share spiritual inspiration as part of our "Weekly Inspiration" series. Niyi is a gifted saxophonist, songwriter and music producer. He has released three CDs, ‘Caution: God at Work,’ ‘Chronicles,’ ‘Trust in Jesus’, and the live DVD ‘Intimate Worship Experience’.

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