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Ryan Vincent Ford: ‘The music, the messages, they’re all intense’

Ryan Vincent Ford & Ministry prep to release their new single with a fresh sound

Ryan Vincent Ford has been making great music for a long time. Hard to believe the baby-faced singer has actually led his prolific group, Ryan Vincent Ford & Ministry for more than a decade. This weekend, Ryan’s finally doing what many of us have been clamoring for over the years: release a single. Yes, that’s right; this weekend fans will get to hear the recorded sound of this wonderful group that the DMV has long embraced.
The single release, “Jesus the Same” takes place this Saturday, March 10 @6 p.m. at the Sharon Bible Fellowship Church. The concert is free.

The concert will feature Ayana McDonald, a dynamic praise and worship leader from Atlanta who also happens to have gone to Berklee College of Music with Ryan. Fred Cleveland, as well as Chester Burke, Jr. and Company round out the list of performers.  Jeemell “Mr. Headliner” Green will serve as the evening’s host.

I caught up with Ryan to hear his thoughts on his new single, what it’s like to have a management team and his goals for his single. Check out what he had to say in this in-depth interview.

Tell me about how you decided to do this concert and you chose “Jesus the Same” as your first single?
“We haven’t had a concert in a couple of years. Jesus Experience was in 2015 and it felt like I had it last summer, so I’m amazed at how much time has really passed. This concert you can really see the musicality has intensified. The music, the messages, they’re all intense; not to be super aggressive or high velocity, but I have a great group of singers who are extremely passionate and they all have the eyes for my vision and appreciative of them. We’re going to come together and give God everything that we have: the music, the worship, the praise and we’re really looking for God to do something.”

Did you write ‘Jesus the Same?’
Ryan Vincent Ford, singer-songwriter“I pretty much write all of our music. I really took some time to reflect and think about the state of our country and the time that were living in. It was my desire not to offer anything that I felt has been used or abused, in terms of message. I really wanted to offer something biblical; something that was catchy to the ear, but the message would reach down to the core of the soul. That’s really something that I home in and focus on when it comes to something I’m writing. I always want to make sure that my writing lines up with biblical principles; things that reflect the word. What I want people to be able to take from the music is that even though the music might call for an emotive responsive, there is always a gospel message behind it. “Jesus The Same” is coming from Hebrews 13:8 which says ‘Jesus Christ the same yesterday, and today, and forever.’ It has a nice electric rock feel to it and I believe people will enjoy it. I think this is something different. I really had the desire for the sound, not so much to be universal, but I wanted it to be acceptable. I wanted people to be receptive to a sound that either they’re not used to or something they would want to hear more of. And even though we’re musically versatile, our message is always the gospel. We’re excited about “Jesus the Same.” My hope and my prayer is that it will bless everybody that listens to it. The song is really easy to catch on to. There are a few intricate harmonies here and there that will be intriguing to the ear, but the message will be Jesus the Same, yesterday and forever. We live in a world where things are constantly changing day by day. One day we’re up, then the next day we’re down. Things can be all right and the next day things can be going down the drain, but Jesus Christ, he’s always stay the same, he’s always reliable. He’s always dependable, always faithful.”

Why did you feel this was the right time to release your single?
“A lot of people don’t know that often when you’re recording music, there’s quite a tedious process involved. We’ve been working on this song for a little over a year. We started the recording process in January 2017. That shows you how long it really took for us to make sure that this song would best. At the time my group was getting ready to turn ten years old. I was praying to God and seeking him ‘where do we go from here; how will we be able to get our messages out to more people?’ I love my city, I love the DMV, but also love to travel and I really wanted to be able to get out and really spread the gospel. I really had the desire to have the entire world have access to my music. So, I prayed about and asked the Lord, ‘am I ready for this; is it the time?’ The way things have been playing out in society and the way things are going in the world, I came to realize that times are only getting a bit more perilous and reckless and a lot more dangerous. He said to me to that there’s never a bad time to share the gospel and I took that as the green light to compose the album, to go ahead and get ideas together; things that I wanted to say; songs that I might use. ‘Jesus The Same’ really began to stand out in my spirit. It’s a song that we really haven’t sung often and my group began to love it. We began to work on it and fall in love with the song all over again. The song began to encourage us and that was a reminder that what God had given us indeed does work for us. We never want to share with the world what hasn’t worked for us already. I really been praying to God and asking him to breathe on this song and allow it to be encouragement, to anybody that needs it. It doesn’t have a really hard churchy feel. Even growing up in church I was captivated with the church sound. I love it; I believe it has its place, but I wanted this song and the message to reach further than the church. My eyes were really for those who were losing hope; those that didn’t have any joy; that deal with depression; deal with suicidal thoughts and all types of things. My heart is for that.”

You are now signed to MC Management. How has having a management team helped you?
“It has been absolute blessing. One of the things that has blessed me the most is knowing that there is a team working for me; that is helping me; that allows me to realize the things that have been dormant laying on the inside of me and speaking life to me and letting it be known that everything that everything that I’ve ever dreamed, everything that I’ve ever envisioned is possible. With the help of God, everything is possible and even with the help of the management team, everything is possible. They taught me not to limit myself. They taught me to really expand my horizons and really challenging me to envision bigger, to really see God for my purpose because they were there to help push and they were there to help create the platform and pull in the resources that I would ever need to make sure that my vision, that my dreams that they all come true. They absolutely loved on us and they have taken great care of us. My manager, Marques Collins is amazing and has an amazing team of individuals that work with him. He’s the one that really pushed me out there and said I needed to do a concert. Initially it wasn’t my idea, but I agree to it with much prayer. They pushed me out of my comfort zone, I think I’ve been comfortable way too long managing my own group and getting things done on my own. I had to realize that Rome wasn’t built by one person and it certainly won’t built in one day. To have a team that will help me big and dream bigger has just been an extraordinary blessing.”

When can we expect the album?
“I’ve got a few things up my sleeve. I can’t really say when you guys should expect it, but the album is in the works, and I am so excited. We have made some tremendous progress and this by far has been the most rewarding process. It’s going to be one to remember. We have really taken our time in making sure that things are right that the music and the message balance out, that it’s just not a bunch of ear candy and watered-down messages. Hopefully you will be able to see an album within the next year or so.

Ryan Vincent Ford & Ministry’s single release concert takes place at Sharon Bible Fellowship Church, 6117 Seabrook Rd., Lanham, MD

Connect with Ryan Vincent Ford on Facebook and grab “Jesus the Same” when its release on all digital outlets.

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