Album Review: Rob Mercer-‘The Photo Album’

If you haven’t heard of Rob Mercer, now is the time. The singer released The Photo Album in December and it has been gaining steam. If it’s not in your collection, it should be.

Rob Mercer  new CD review

Mercer is an eclectic mix of styles. He’s not traditional, but he can go there.  He hints at being Contemporary Christian, but there’s just a little something that lets you know he’s not exactly that either. As you go through the album you begin to realize that Mercer is his own brand. He sings melodies from his heart to and about God and serves it to the listener on a bountiful platter.

“God Alone” is a heart cry. Stop by You Tube to check out the video for this gripping song. Mercer shows his R&B chops on the “Marvin Medley.” His homage to the two Marvins (Winans and Gaye) on songs like “Bring Back the Days of Yea and Nay” and “What’s Going On” will leave you wanting the medley to go on and on.

The hauntingly beautiful “Amazingly” features nephews Phillip Mercer and Michael Holloway. It’s very obvious the musical blood line runs strong. Other enjoyable songs include the smooth and soothing “At Your Feet.” It would be a disservice not to give an ear to any of the songs on this seminal project. There’s also a touching tribute to his mom on “Jennie.”

In a world sometimes overloaded with new music and new artists, The Photo Album should not be overlooked. Rob Mercer has stepped outside of the “business as usual” format and given us a snapshot of what music can be once it is unfettered and unrestrained.

Sarah Hearn
the authorSarah Hearn
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