“Reverend Floyd Flake Presents The Worship Experience” from Greater Allen Cathedral surprised many when it shot straight to #2 in its debut. I talked with Rev. Flake who has leads Greater Allen Cathedral, a megachurch of 20,000 members for 37 years and is enjoying the realization of a dream to release an album that would impact lives.

How were the songs for the album picked?
“I didn’t do the picking. I left it in Stanley’s (producer Stanley Brown) hands. He talked through it with the musicians and the singers. Some of these songs we have done for so many years. These are songs we sing that are very popular within our church congregation and our worship services. So we said let’s do it as a worship album, so people will understand how we worship and the joy that the Lord has given us as a church.

Tell me about the song “Greater”?
“I think that the impact of a song like “Greater” is it’s a song that gives people a sense that no matter where you are, your status in life, what you’re doing, there’s always something greater that can be done. You ought to always be rising and moving and
trusting God to take you to a higher level to do something greater than you’re doing. I truly believe it is emblematic of some of the things that comes out my sermons and my wife’s sermons.

Why did you decide to include “Jesus Christ is The Way”?
“Those of us who grew up with people like Walter Hawkins music, those songs still have meaning, they still send a message. They still really speak to the heart of people and trying to help people to really understand who they are in the kingdom of God.

Is this the choir that sings each Sunday or your recording choir?
“This is our church every Sunday. That’s why we called it a worship experience because this is the way we have been singing for so long. I’m in my 37th year now but as we built the choir up over the years it grew to where it is and this is our choir. This is what you will hear on a Sunday morning.”

Do you feel your church has grown because of your outreach as well as the preached word?
For me it was if I build the community the church will grow as well and it has been the case here and the evidence of it is around. All you have to do is show up on a Sunday and see how packed the house is three times, 6:30, 8:30 and 11:14 and you’ll realize that coming from outside in if you fix up the outside God will give you what you need to fix up the inside and to grow and develop the kind of church that has the capability of changing a community.”

With the immediate success of this album, are you considering another one?
“I think we’ll let this one go for now. Knowing Stanley, I think he’s probably already got something in the hopper already. He’s always working with artists so I would not be surprised that he’ll come to us sooner or later, probably sooner and talk about moving on another one.

Sarah Hearn
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