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Lindsay Slaton interview: ‘Praise and worship, that’s what it’s about’

Rising artist shares why gospel music is so important to her and how God kept her during health scare

For Lindsay Slaton, the road to gospel music was a circuitous one, trying another genre and finally landing in the gospel music industry. When she tells her story, one can’t help but see the divine orchestration in her career trajectory. spoke with Lindsay about her entrance into the world of gospel, her songwriting, her upcoming album and the medical scare she encountered.

You debuted on the gospel scene in 2013. What was that like?
“It was very scary because I was coming from the R&B side. It was scary, but it was an awesome experience. I wasn’t sure if my music would be accepted because I’m a little different, a little urban, but it was received well, and it was a great experience. I can say that from that project to this project, I have definitely matured musically in my songwriting and vocally, so I learned a lot since the first project, but it was a great experience. I wouldn’t change it. I definitely made the right decision. I’m excited to see what will happen with the sophomore project.”

Lindsay Slaton is DMV Christian Music Award Winner for Female Contemporary Gospel Artist of the Year and six-time Rhythm of Gospel Award Nominee. She recently released a brand new single, “Joy.”

Lindsay Slaton and husband, Anthony at recent concert
Lindsay Slaton with her biggest cheerleader, husband Anthony are all smiles

You recently released you single, “Joy”. I understand there is a story behind that song. Tell me about that.
“The story would have to start with the fact that I was adopted and feeling like an outcast. I had thoughts that I don’t belong; I don’t fit in and God reminded me ‘you fit in because I created you’. That right there just gave me joy. I’m like, ‘why am I so depressed, why do I feel this way when you’re right God, you are my father, so I do belong to someone; I belong to you.’ The second thing was I was misdiagnosed with pneumonia. I remember the hospital sent me home and I was ministering everywhere for two weeks and then I went back to the hospital because I still didn’t feel quite right and I’m praying, ‘God please heal me.’ I went the hospital and I was told it’s not pneumonia; it’s a blood clot and you’re lucky that you made it through the weekend. That was when I realized that I don’t have time to be down on myself. So, God is keeping me here for a reason and that is something to have joy about. I just can’t waste time anymore on my gift. It’s just time to minister and let people know who God is and let them know that they too can still have their joy in the midst of the storm, because even as we are going through, God will continue to keep us just like he kept me. He kept me with the blood clot, even though the doctors didn’t know, and I didn’t know. God knew, and he kept me, so I am just very excited and thankful and just ready to share my joy.”

You said you came from R&B. What made you decide to make the shift?
“The turning point was I ended up losing my place, my car, my job and I wasn’t in church at that time but growing up, my grandmother kept me to church. When I was going through all of that I remembered I ought to go to church. So, when I went to church, I began to establish a relationship with God. I didn’t have the desire for R&B. It was like gospel was just pouring into me and a bunch of gospel songs. I just started to write those songs and that’s how the shift happened. There’s nothing wrong with R&B, but for me, I just wanted to sing about God. I wanted to share the experiences and everything that I had been through and I’m fine with that. When I was doing R&B, it was just music. Now with gospel, it’s a feeling I’m really singing about something that is awesome and amazing to me. It’s something that can help uplift the kingdom and encourage people and to share who God is, for someone who doesn’t know. That’s how the shift happened. I had to go through something and he completely changed me. I remember fasting and God working it out for me; getting a new car that I shouldn’t have been able to get. The dealership said my credit was not that great and then I fasted and two days later that same dealership called me and said, ‘we actually figured something out, come on down, you can get a car.’ I was like wow, ‘I’m going to stick with you God’ and I did not have the desire to do R&B anymore.”

What can we expect in sophomore CD
“A bunch of encouragement. It’s going to be full of worship this time around. There are a few up-tempo tracks on there. Praise and worship, that’s what it’s going to be about. Just being encouraged and knowing that the devil is a liar. We serve a God who is the same God and that’s what the whole CD is going to be about; just power, knowing that we have power through God.”

Lindsay Slaton releases 'Joy'

Lindsay is a prolific songwriter and  her original songs appear on her upcoming  project.

What’s your writing process?
“I’ve never been what to say, ‘hey I need to write some music’ and sit down and write. I always start out with a melody in my head and it only happens when I’m distracted or when I’m cooking; it’s always when I’m doing something. I’ll get a melody and I’ll start humming and then I’ll start singing and it’s like ‘oh wow, I got a song.’ I know that comes from God and that’s when I’ll go and write. It’s always been an easy process for me. I have never had a writer’s block. The songs just come to me.”

Who is producing you upcoming CD?
“Teddy P. (Jeshua “Tedy P.” Williams). He’s located in Atlanta. He’s been really awesome. He works with some of the big artists, so I’m just excited to be working with him. We remixed “Call on Jesus,” which was originally done by Phillip Carter, and we did a remix with Amos Saint Jean. We may put that on this project.”

Lindsay is planning a CD release this fall and will be shooting video for “Joy” this month. Her music is available at all digital outlets. For more information about Lindsay Slaton, visit Connect with Lindsay on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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