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Recap: Jeremiah Hicks ‘A Worship Heart’ CD release

Jeremiah Hicks has supported many of the top gospel artists in the industry for years and you can also find him featured on many albums. However, last Friday night, December 2, Jeremiah Hicks planted himself firmly at centerstage and confirmed what many already knew when he held his live recording a few months ago: His time has come!

The night was titled “A Worship Heart,” which is the title of Hick’s debut album. Emceed by Stellar Award winner Stephen Hurd, the night kicked off with worship by Kurtis Parks. The passionate worship leader and songwriter spoke glowingly of Hicks and his passion for God and worship. Parks then launched the audience into worship mode.

When Hicks took the stage, his performance was exhilarating. It was clear that the singer had painstakingly selected each song to transparently communicate what was on his heart. In between songs, scripture flowed freely from his tongue. This was more than a concert, it was an experience. Stand out songs included “Better,” ”Jesus,” and “Selah,” a song that echoed through the sanctuary with a riveting effect.

Jeremiah Hicks

Hicks ended the night with the up-tempo, “Motown.” As he said good night and headed out the door to the CD table, the crowd milled about, seemingly still in awe of what had just taken place. The line stretched toward the sanctuary as fans and well-wishers stood patiently to get their copy of A Worship Heart signed by the singer. Hicks humbly signed each CD  and smiled for each person who wanted to capture their encounter on their phone.

There were so many spotted in the audience: Roderick Giles, Michael White, Phillip Carter, Jawn Murray, Gerald Scott, Darnell Moore, Gavin Davis, Dre Jones, Robert E. Person and so many other artists who came out to support the singer who, by many accounts, has tirelessly supported them.

The word “anointed” is sometimes over-used and assigned to any singing that sounds good. However, anointed in its truest form, “expresses the sanctifying influences of the Holy Spirit upon Christians who are priests unto God.” Jeremiah Hicks is that kind of Levite, a singer who leaves it all on the threshing floor to a God that he unashamedly adores. A Worship Heart is Hicks’ gift to listeners, wrapped in oil.

Sarah Hearn
the authorSarah Hearn
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