Interview with Jekalyn Carr: Young singer and evangelist passionate for Christ

The sixteen-year-old is gospel music's newest voice

You’ve probably heard her song “Greater is Coming” on the radio. You may also have watched one of her electrifying sermons on YouTube. This week, Jekalyn Carr is only turning 16 but is already taking the world by storm. An independent artist signed to her family’s label, she is getting significant airplay on the radio.
Jekalyn Carr is one of the first child singers that has impacted the Gospel Billboard Charts in a long time. “Greater is Coming” reached #9 on Billboard’s Gospel Songs chart.

By age nine, Jekalyn was already appearing on platforms with people like Myron Butler, Micah Stampley, Shirley Caesar, Marvin Sapp, and Vanessa Bell Armstrong. When she was 11, Jekalyn was traveling the world inspiring people across the nation with her gifts. She has spoken and sang in crowds of more than 17,000.
Jekalyn has appeared on national and international shows, including several times on This Is Your Day with Benny Hinn and BET’s Video Gospel. She was also featured in the documentary,  ‘Rejoice and Shout’ by Magnolia Pictures which also features Smokey Robinson, Andrae Crouch and Kirk Franklin.

What led you into ministry at such a young age? When did it all begin?
“At the age of five, I recognized that singing and preaching was my passion. God opened a lot of major doors for me at an early age. Then at the age of 13, God began to speak with me and said there is more that I require of you. I didn’t understand it the first time that He was saying it and then about a month later, he told me, there is more that I require of you. He said, ‘you are to evangelize,’ and ever since then I’ve been traveling, spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ through the word and through song. My parents recognized the gifts and the anointing that God had given me at an early age as well.”

Tell me how you got connected with Benny Hinn.
“That was one of the major doors that God opened for me. He (Benny Hinn) actually prophesized to me and told me that I would travel spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and the prophecy came to pass.”

The song, ‘Greater is Coming’ has been enormously popular and is the title track from your hit album. Tell me about it.
“My family was going through a lot of things and we didn’t know why God was taking us through those things. God said he had to take us through those things in order for us to experience the greater things that He had for us. And it’s also relating to the people of God, the olive. The olive has to go through three stages: the shaking, the beating and pressing in order for the oil to run. In order for the people of God to experience those three stages, God has to take you through that. God can take you through and show you that he’s capable of doing things. So, know that greater is coming.”

Were you surprised at the response ‘Greater is Coming’ is getting?
“Yes ma’am, I am. We trusted God, believed God that it was God’s will and that if God gave us a vision He will provide for that vision, that He will take care of us. I believe that the work is not completed yet. What He started He will finish.”

How do you balance out school and ministering as well?
“I am homeschooled. I’ve been homeschooled since fourth grade. God gave my parents wisdom to homeschool us so that I could travel. There’s a lot of things going on with the schools and there’s a certain atmosphere that you have to be around and a certain atmosphere you can’t be around because it can contaminate you and the anointing.”

With all that you doing, do you still get to be a teen, hang out, do fun things that girls your age do?
“Yes ma’am, I do. God gave us wisdom and I have to balance everything out.”

What do you want people to get from your songs or ministry?
“I want them to be encouraged and to be restored, be healed and delivered from whatever it is that they are dealing with. I believe that when God gives us a song, there is a message in it to empower people. I want the people of God to be free from all types of captivity that’s holding them captive. I want them to feel deliverance, that all types of shackles are being broken and to be inspired and touched by the music. This is what I want them to walk away with.”

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