Gospel vocalist Naomi B. addresses sex trafficking in new music video

Inspirational gospel recording artist, Naomi B. may currently be flying under the radar in the gospel music industry, but that is likely to change very soon. The singer recently released a bold new video on Facebook for her song, “Break Free,” and it already has people talking. Not only does the song display powerful vocals and a poignant message, but it sheds light on a growing American epidemic — sex trafficking.

A native of East Baltimore, Naomi B. has heard the horror stories about young girls being kidnapped and sucked into the sex trafficking industry. However, outrage was always sporadic. Celebrities like Jada Pinkett-Smith and others have spoken about it, still, conversation around the issue has often come and gone. For that reason, Naomi B. wants to do everything she can to increase efforts to stop the frightening sex trafficking trend.

Naomi B. fights sex trafficking with song“When I began learning about the magnitude of the problem, and how common it is in my own backyard, I said, wow, people aren’t talking about this enough. This needs to be on everyone’s radar,” she said. “I wanted to use my platform to help raise the level of awareness — especially for young girls who may exhibit certain risk factors that could make them more susceptible to trafficking.”

Naomi B. is doing more than talking, she has translated her words to action. In collaboration with organizations like the Southern Christian Leadership Conference and its Justice for Girls Initiative, as well as The Samaritan Women, an organization in Baltimore that supports and houses trafficked girls, the singer is in the battle for the long haul.

“I refuse to just sit around and watch this happening to our young girls and not do my part to combat it,” Naomi B. said.

As for the video, the storyline centers on a young woman who falls for a young man, and eventually agrees to meet him in a motel. It is at that point that she is drugged and forced into the dark underground world of trafficking, where her body is sold for the pleasure of complete strangers. While there are many ways that young women are victimized, this is certainly one.

“Victims come from all walks of life and all financial statuses, but there are some factors that make a person more vulnerable to the false lies of a human trafficker,” Naomi B. said. “Traffickers search for persons with vulnerabilities they can exploit — for example, run-aways, homeless youth, and youth with a background of sexual abuse, neglect, or unstable home environments. Sometimes traffickers even victimize their own family members.”

She continued: “One method I address in my music video “Break Free” is the lover-boy method whereby a trafficker invests time in a relationship with a potential victim to get close to her, and he pretends to become her boyfriend. After a long time of courting the victim, he moves fast when he knows he has her trust and affection.”

The video is intense, however, like most of Naomi B’s songs, the overarching theme is that faith in God is the key to overcoming even the most dire circumstances.

“Everyone at some point in their lives will experience some trouble, trauma, or trying situations that may bring you to a point of despair or desperation” she said. “Those are opportunities for us to grab hold of a power higher than our own. I want people to know that God is the answer…He is that power, and we have access to it.”

For more information on Naomi B., visit her official website at You can also follow her on Facebook and Instagram at @naomibmusic.

Watch the new “Break Free” music video


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