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Four Steps to Get Your Family Out of The House On Time



Our guest columnist Roquelle Devine of SuperMom Decoded shares some helpful tips on how you and your family can beat the morning rush.

Do you wake up every morning hoping and wishing you can get everyone out of the house on time? How is that working for you? Probably not too well. Hoping and wishing just isn’t enough. You have to plan to win. Use these tips to make a plan and WIN:

1. Preparation– Decide the night before EXACTLY what you and your kids will wear, and then do a dress rehearsal to identify any issues. It is those little details we overlook that eat away at our time.

2. Plan– Write out a schedule and allot a certain amount of time to each task. A written plan increases the chances of it being an accomplished plan. Give your time an assignment so that it does not aimlessly wonder away.

3. Delegation– What are you doing for your kids that your kids could do be doing on their own? Sometimes we think we have to do it all, when we don’t really have to.

4. Organization– Create a systematic place to put things, and a systematic way of doing things. You won’t regret it!

Roquelle Devine has  a bachelor’s degree in environmental science with an emphasis in Fashion Design. For the past 18 years she has served as a devoted wife to her husband, saxophonist, Merlon Devine. She is also a very committed mom to three really cool kids who are now teenagers. For more insight into the life of a SuperMom, subscribe to Roquelle’s blog at www.supermomdecoded.com





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