Chaplain & Civil Rights Activist, Dr. Eve Taylor, Pens Provocative Book on America’s Troubling History with Race

Since its humble beginnings, America has grappled with the complicated and sometimes troubling story of its origins, especially when it comes to race. Dr. Eve Taylor, an expert on race relations and a civil rights activist who worked with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rep. John Lewis, has seen first-hand how racism has ripped at the fabric of the United States. Her experience coupled with the recent events of police brutality against African Americans spurred the author to pick up her pen once again and chronicle America’s racial past and present in her new book, The Torn Fabric of America: The Racial Divide, Black and White. The new book is currently available on Amazon.

Throughout the book’s 250+ pages, Dr. Taylor takes the reader from President Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, the document that freed enslaved people to Juneteenth, the date in 1865 when the slaves were told of their freedom. She also recounts the Civil Rights Movement Chaplain & Civil Rights Activist, Dr. Eve Taylor, Pens Provocative Book on America’s Troubling History with Race and the Bill of Rights and brings us into today as she speaks on the murder of George Floyd and the birth of the Black Lives Matter movement. Not only does Dr. Taylor share her personal perspective, but her book is chock full of historical references and documented facts. Not one to provide a problem without a solution, in her chapter, “The Mending of the Torn Fabric,” she shares what America must to do make the country truly the United States of America.

For years, Dr. Eve Taylor has desired better lives for African Americans. From her time at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA, where she met Dr. King and the rest of the King family to her role as state lobbyist to Rep. John Lewis to her time at NASA where she met Astronaut Mae Jemison, she has been a voice crying out for equity for all people. A learned scholar, Dr. Eve Taylor has received several degrees, including her most recent from Regent University, a Doctorate in Organizational Strategic Leadership. For that degree, she was honored with a letter from President Barack Obama for graduating as the oldest member of her class with a 3.83 GPA at the age of 70. Throughout her career, Dr. Taylor has traveled the world teaching and lecturing on Strategic Leadership.

She gained popularity with her debut writing, Discover Your Why, a book she wrote to help people determine their purpose in life. The book became so popular that she launched a Radio One program on WYCB-AM in Washington, DC, entitled Discover Your Why Veterans Radio Talk Forum. The show ran for six years. The wife of a veteran, retired United States Army Major John C. Taylor, and the mother of two children with celebrated military careers in the Gulf War, Dr. Taylor is also an Ordained Minister, Missionary Evangelist, Chaplain and the President of the non-profit, Discover Your Why Leadership Ministries, Inc. She has also been invited to speak at the Library of Congress for the William Murray Veterans History Project.

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