Andraé Crouch shares the story behind ‘Let the Church Say Amen’

The living legend reveals how the song was born

Andraé Crouch‘s “Let the church say Amen” is climbing the charts and was # 14 last week on Billboard’s Gospel Songs chart. In a conversation with the living legend, Crouch revealed how the song was born.

“Let the church say Amen” is featured on the Grammy® nominated CD The Journey and Pastor Marvin Winans sings lead on the song. Crouch says Winans was a natural choice. «The Winans have been some of my favorite people and Marvin certainly has a real anointing when he preaches and sings, he’s a great interpreter of my music.

Andrae Crouch interviewHow did Crouch choose that title ? “I’m a pastor, I say “let the church say amen” and that settles it, everything has been said, you know, it’s like we have to agree with God.” But the song means much more. The singer experienced multiple losses in his life. His mother passed away and his father died one year later. If that weren’t enough, his brother, who became pastor of the church their father founded, died four months after taking the helm at the church.

At his brother’s funeral the loss of so many loved ones weighed heavily on him. “It seemed like at the service for my brother the devil just threw them all in my face.”

During the funeral, the minster said, “let the church say amen”, and told the church to lift their hands and praise the Lord. It was a difficult moment for Crouch. “My hand was so limp, I couldn’t even hold my hand up and I told the person that was sitting next to me, “will you hold my hand up ?” and I was saying “amen, praise the Lord” and that’s where the seed was first sown for that song.”

It would be years before Crouch would finally write, “Let the church say amen”, but it remained in his spirit. “After going through some other things, God brought back that statement “just say amen”. That means “accept what I do; I know what I’m doing”». When Crouch was preparing to record “The journey”, he chose to write a song that reflected the significance of those words.

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