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Adonis and Heather Lenzy Prepare To Launch 'Dating In Black & White'

Adonis and  Heather Lenzy are preparing to launch their book, ‘Dating In Black & White’ in late February.

For years, the words Heather Lenzy’s mother said echoed in her head: “It’s ok to have premarital sex as long as you love someone.” This statement alone put Heather on a path that led to one destructive relationship after another.

Adonis Lenzy’s father told him at a very young age: “Son, whatever you do. Don’t get married.” That one comment alone shaped the mind of a very young man and, set him on a path that surely wouldn’t lead to a strong, faithful, committed marriage.

However, life took a different turn for them. Adonis and Heather Lenzy are married with two beautiful children living a happy life with a successful marriage despite coming from two very different situations.

Although the road had it share of challenges, Adonis and Heather Lenzy have successfully navigated their love story and now desire to share that story with others in their brand new book, “Dating In Black & White.”

Adonis shares: “Every time we would talk with friends and leaders in our respective careers, they would tell us the same thing over and over – “You’ve got to share your story!” – and soon after that we began receiving invitations to do just that. We began sharing our story and teaching workshops and were constantly asked if we had a book they could share with others. Now, they do! We’re really excited to share our story in hopes that it will strengthen, encourage and help others.”

There’s some funny moments shared in this book such as the time Heather first met Adonis. On Heather’s “must list” was the fact that her future mate MUST love Country music. Heather shares, “So one of the first times we hung out, I started thinking ‘there’s no way this brother is going to love country music’ and I very quickly found out that I was wrong.”

Adonis continues: “As we started talking she asked me what kind of music I liked. I answered ‘Motown, Al Greene, I like Tim McGraw, I like Keith Urban‘ and all I have to say to that is ‘Tnak You Keith Urban and Thank You Tim McGraw!”

When Adonis and Heather met, they had no idea their journey would later serve as a roadmap for others. Adonis is a Speaker and Life Coach, and Heather is a Forensic Scientist. Their lives, although polar opposite, shared similarities of relational mistakes and failures. Both wanting something different this time, they sought guidance.

Through their dating process, they were able to establish values, principles, and practical tips that today have produced a happy, healthy marriage, such as:

  • Sexual Purity: You don’t have to sleep together in order to be together.
  • Accountability: Who’s got your back?
  • Expectations: What do you really want?
  • Communication: Talking through the good, the bad, and the ugly.
  • Having Fun: Dating should be fun! It’s all up to you.

Their moral approach, mixed with very practical steps, create a different and refreshing view of an individual’s dating potential.

“Dating In Black & White” will be available online and at all digital retailers inluding iBooks, Amazon and others in late February.

For more info, connect with Adonis & Heather online www.datingbwbook.comwww.fb.com/datinginblackandwhite

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