Jessica Domínguez shares 10 Powers of renewal in new book ‘Victorious Women’

The book is a strategy and a map of what can be done in life’s difficult moments

Renowned immigration lawyer and radio/TV commentator, Jessica Domínguez – one of the most powerful Latino women according to the People Magazine en Español,  has released her first book: Mujeres Victoriosas (Victorious Women). With this book, Jessica, best known as “The Angel of Justice” for her segment on international morning show Despierta América (Wakeup America), wants to equip all women with courage to live life as victorious people. The book offers 10 key points to face life’s difficult moments and use them as a trampoline to reach goals, highlighting the importance of applying the power of faith in daily life, and to lead a life of excellence and purpose.

 Jessica Domínguez shares powerful tipsWhat inspired Jessica Domínguez to pursue this new stage as an author was the certainty in the transforming power of a book, not because of the words themselves, but because of the effect that life inspiring, authentic stories contained within can have to change the course of a life. For this reason, she decided to write Mujeres Victoriosas, to motivate and empower other women to face their battles with their heads held high. The book encourages its readers to live with the vision of victory, and with the unequivocal belief that God is always be in control, He does not make mistakes, and His plans for our lives are always perfect.

When Jessica speaks about Mujeres Victoriosas, she is referring to women of challenges and struggles, and those women who have overcome. She is referring to women entrepreneurs and women who are role models for their children, family and all those around her. Jessica does this with authority, having exercised her mission to educate the Latino community in the United States for over 15 years about their rights and how to exercise them.

“I would like for every woman to live a life of victory in the ‘now’, not tomorrow or the day after, but today,” Jessica declares. “Today is the day in which they can live a full life. We should dispose of the ‘when I’ syndrome; when my kids grow up, when I get that promotion, etc., that is when I will be happy. There is no reason to wait, our happiness is here, and it is here today. We must only define it and start to enjoy it NOW!”

Mujeres Victoriosas is a strategy and a map of what can be done in life’s difficult moments through 10 powers of renewal with one verdict: You already won! Her book is available on digital platforms including Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Walmart. Mujeres Victoriosas is also available via a study on YouVersion Bible App.

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