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Robert E. Person, Allyn Johnson collaborate on new single, ‘Let My People Live’

Singer Robert E. Person and pianist Allyn Johnson have penned “Let My People Live”, a collaborative musical statement promoting peace, unity and love amid the perils of todays society. “Let My People Live” examines the recent social conditions of police brutality, heightened racial conflict and the many challenges of cultural acceptance.

In celebration of Black History Month and with a personal conviction to encourage unity on a global scale, jazzmen Person and Johnson created this emotionally charged and intricately arranged anthem of awareness. They stylistically merged in trumpeter Dre King and sanctioned rapper Deacon Izzy to flow a poetic account of the growing tragic occurrences played out in the communities of the U.S.

Robert E. Person new single Let My People Live

“All lives won’t matter until black lives do,” Deacon Izzy conveys. “As artists, we will always speak truth through our music. I ask that you hear our voice, understand our story and walk with us as we change the world for the better. We will never forget those we have lost in the struggle for equal treatment under the law. They are always with us and we honor their legacy through this song.”

Robert E. Person collborates with pianistMusic, in many cases, is the bridge to social movements. Robert E. Person and his musical colleagues have commissioned themselves to use Jazz, Inspirational music, Rap and lyrics as a tool of goodwill and in advocacy of human tolerance. “Let My People Live is my first effort at lending my voice to a movement,” Person shares. “It is my intent to affirm and promote that love always wins.”


Although the many social situations that plague our world are difficult and sometimes seem hopeless, the message in “Let My People Live” is simple – “We all are human and deserve to be treated as such,” says Allyn Johnson. Applying and sharing this simple value can bring a wellspring of hope. Individually, each person must do their part to contribute positively to society and respect one another, and that starts from within. We must keep our hearts with all diligence, for out of the heart are the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23). Spread love and live!

“Let My People Live” is available now on iTunes, Google Play and other digital music outlets.

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