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How To Watch MegaFest on Live Stream!

More than 50,ooo are expected to attend T.D. Jakes‘ MegaFest. If you didn’t manage to make it there, you can watch it live with all access live stream!

Here is the MegaFest schedule. All Times are Central Daylight Time. Rebroadcast Streaming Events are in black

Thursday, August 29, 2013
7:00 P.M. All Access Live Pre-Service
8:00 P.M. W.T.A.L. Opening Session Bishop T.D. Jakes
10:30 P.M. All Access Live Post-Service
11:00 P.M. ManPower Opening Session Dr. Creflo Dollar
1:30 A.M. M.Y.E. General Session Pastor Chris Durso

Friday, August 30, 2013
6:00 A.M. ManPower Opening Session Replay Dr. Creflo Dollar
8:20 A.M. All Access Pre-Service
8:30 A.M. Morning Glory – W.T.A.L. Pastor Sheryl Brady
10:00 A.M. M.Y.E. Code Bishop T.D. Jakes
11:30 A.M. All Access Post-Service
1:30 P.M. W.T.A.L. / ManPower Joint Session Pastors Joel and Victoria Osteen
3:00 P.M. All Access Post-Service
3:30 P.M. M.Y.E. Panel Discussion Pastor Marquis Boone, Arian Simone, Kierra Sheard, Jason Caston GooGoo Atkins, Dustin Sandoval, Romeo Miller, Michelle Williams
6:00 P.M. M.Y.E. Code Replay Pastor Chris Durso
7:00 P.M. ManPower Bishop T.D. Jakes
10:00 P.M. All Access Post-Service
10:30 P.M. W.T.A.L. Dr. I.V. Hilliard
1:30 A.M. M.Y.E. Code Pastor John Gray

Saturday, August 31, 2013
6:00 A.M. W.T.A.L. / ManPower Opening Sessions Bishop T.D. Jakes / Dr. Creflo Dollar
8:50 A.M. All Aceess Pre Service
9:00 A.M. W.T.A.L. Girl Talk Mrs. Serita Jakes and Sarah Jakes
10:30 A.M. M.Y.E. Code Pastor Dharius Daniels
11:00 A.M. W.T.A.L. / ManPower Closing Session Bishop T.D. Jakes
12:30 P.M. All Access Live Post Show

To watch the live stream, visit http://www.tdjakes.org/allaccess/



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