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Watch Dianna Hobbs perform and share testimony about God’s healing power

This minister of the gospel and singer has a story to tell of God's goodness

Dianna-hobbs shares story of healing

I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Dianna Hobbs in August at the St. Jude Celebration of Hope in Memphis, Tenn. I was immediately struck by the sweet spirit that emanated from her, and her husband Kenyon.

What a joy to find this gem of her sharing some of her testimony and using her anointed voice as well. You see, in addition to her very popular blog, Empowering Everyday Women, Dianna Hobbs is also a gospel artist who I first encountered through a press release several years ago. She put her singing career on hold when illness struck, but it looks like her voice is still top-notch!

Dianna Hobbs is scheduled to release her book, “God Did It”  sometime in March 2018.  The book will recount how God miraculously healed her when the doctors gave up. I’m sure it will be a great read. Her book, The New A-list: Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, spent three consecutive months on
the Indie Best-seller list and is used by youth and women’s groups around the world as an educational and
motivational resource.

In the meantime, listen to her moving testimony and song:

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