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VMI Agency opens new production studios

Lights, camera, action! Those words will probably be spoken quite often at the new VMI Studios in Forestville, MD.  VMI CEO Vanessa Manago opened the doors of the studio to media professionals for a first look at what the studio offers on Saturday, Nov 11, the first of of two open houses she held over the weekend. The weekend’s hashtag was fittingly named, #makethescene.The VMI Agency Studios

Vanessa Manago VMI Agency
Vanessa Manago talks with guests during open house

Manago has been doing production for about 8 years and is known for her craft and her other venture, What Box Media, the parent company of VMI. But the weekend was all about VMI. The new studio has all the bells and whistles necessary for a talk show, podcast, webisodes, short movies, etc.

VMI uses media to help Non-Profit & Faith Based organizations increase engagement, make a greater impact in the marketplace and expand their global reach. VMI also offer consulting on marketing, branding media products that assist organizations in effectively developing their brand, market and position in the digital marketplace.

Excellence in Christian Music Academy (ECMA) founder Henry Harris gave the talk show format a dry-run as he interviewed singer Darnell Moore for the show, Encore.

VMI is a welcome addition to the studio landscape offering quality and affordable studio time. Manago is currently offering introductory rates for a limited time.

For more information, visit vmiagency.com or reach out via email team@vmiagency.com

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