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Tyscot Founder, Dr. Leonard Scott Nominated for LLS’s 2015 Man& Woman of the Year campaign

Tyscot Music and Entertainment founder, Dr. Leonard Scott, has been nominated as a candidate for the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 2015 Man & Woman of the Year campaign.  See the message from Dr. Scott below:

Many of my friends and relatives know that my daughter Melanie was healed of Leukemia by the grace of God and a bone marrow transplant from an umbilical cord. Only a few years ago this technology was not available. New advances are made due to scientific research and more lives are being saved daily. This research requires finances.

This year, I, Dr. Leonard S. Scott, have been nominated as a candidate for LLS’s 2015 Man& Woman of the Year campaign. Candidates across the country run in honor of a local boy or girl who is a blood cancer survivor, to raise funds for blood cancer research. I am asking you to support this effort by making as generous a donation as possible. Your donation could save someone’s life!

Please view the short video below and visit www.MWOY.org/pages/in/indy15/lscott to find various ways in which you can support this great cause.

Watch Dr. Scott’s video:




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