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The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir releasing 30th album

The legendary 40 year-old Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir will deliver an 11-track album

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir will release I am Reminded

Here’s some great news! One of my favorite choirs, The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir, has a new project coming out. It’s called, I Am Reminded. What’s really awesome about this is that this marks their 30th album. The choir’s been around for 40 years so that’s quite a milestone.

Carol Cymbala (wife of The Brooklyn Tabernacle Church’s Senior Pastor Jim Cymbala, and daughter of the church founder, the late Rev. Clair Hutchins), founded the 300-voice troupe with eight members in 1973. The album has  five original compositions that were written by Cymbala, and various members of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church’s  music department.

Here’s a synopsis of what to expect on  I Am Reminded and you’ll see why I’m so excited about what the six-time Grammy® Award winners have in store.

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir will release I am RemindedAmong the lot are up-tempo congregational stanzas such as “Psalm 150” and “God Surprised Me.” The latter is performed by frequent choir soloist, Pam Pettaway. The new works also include two soulful ballads, “That’s Why God” and the title cut which features Nicole Binion’s heart-wrenching soprano.

I Am Reminded drops  April 6, 2018 and features solos from soulful singer, Nicole Binion, who has recorded with the choir in the past; Indonesian worship leader, Sidney Mohede, who has written songs for Israel & New Breed; and the duo of Shane & Shane, whose warm harmonies are featured on the instant track, “Psalm 23.”

Among the re-imagined musical offerings here are Walter Hawkins’  1990 classic, “Thank You,” with a full-throated delivery by Karen Rampersad; and singer/guitarist BJ Putnam’s percussive 2013 cut, “Sing A New Song,” which is led by Aiysha McCarthy. There’s also a revamp of “Jesus Brought Me Out.a song  well known in the Baltimore,  area where it was born 30 years ago. The charismatic Sidney Mohede’s velvety-tenor glides over the Jakarta Praise Community Church’s 2012 tune, “Jesus It Is You.”

Choir members, Brandon Camphor, and Durell Comedy, team up on the bluesy, soft-rocker, “Psalm 34.” Finally, Shane and Shane, a Texas-based duo, reprise one of their own sonic gems, a big congregational anthem, “Psalm 23.” This stunning collection of songs is true to the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir’s rich legacy while it also expands the outfit’s musical palette with colorful new sounds that remind us all of just how great this organization has been at maintaining a spirit of excellence while also sharing God’s everlasting love through music for more than four decades.

I Am Reminded is available for pre-order now on all major digital service providers . Visit the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir website  to learn more about their amazing history.

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