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Ten Songs For Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is a very special time of year as we  give honor to mothers or the special woman who assumed that role.  Here is  list of songs perfect for this Mother’s Day.

  1. “I’ll Always Love My Mama” ~The Intruders. This song salutes motherhood. The singer describes the wonderful attributes of his mother and declares, “she’s my favorite girl.”
  2. ” Tears That Mama Cried” ~Candi Staton. This song speaks of the love a mother has for a child as tears are shed as she prays for the child. Most prodigal children can certainly identify with this song.
  3. “Sadie” ~The Spinners. The song pays homage to the memories of a mother who tried to show her children the right way to live and love. “If there’s a heaven up above, I know she’s teaching angels how to love.”
  4. “Testimony (A Praying Grandmother)” ~Helen Baylor. Mother’s Day also celebrates those who have taken on the role of mother to many children. Baylor’s song speaks of how her “praying grandmother” stayed on her knees praying for her as she struggled with addiction.
  5.  “Mama” ~Boyz to Men. The song has become a modern classic that pays homage to mothers. “You taught me everything and everything you’ve given me.”
  6. “Mama’s Kitchen” ~CeCe Winans. The Grammy winner sings of a time when the kitchen and the wisdom of a mother was a central focus in a child’s life. “I remember Saturdays, helping Mama in her kitchen. Conversations prying, baking, passing down the wisdom.”
  7. “Love Isn’t Love”-Commissioned.  The song speaks of the unselfishness of love, something  a mother often shows.
  8.  “Isn’t She Lovely” ~Stevie Wonder. A perfect song for new mothers. The song illustrates the joy and excitement a mother experiences at the birth of her daughter. “I can’t believe what God has done; through us he’s given life to one.”
  9. “Mama Knew Love” ~Anthony Hamilton. Recollections of a dedicated mother who worked hard and sacrificed for her children. “Mama knew love like the back roads, used to fall asleep daily in her work clothes.”
  10. “I Remember Mama” ~Shirley Caesar. No playlist is complete without a song from the consummate songstress who has written so many songs about mothers.

There’s also a great album, A Gospel Mother’s Day: Songs of Recognition, Encouragement & Love that is filled with songs appropriate for Mother’s Day.

D o you have a favorite Mother’s Day song? Share it in the comment section. It might make my list next year!


Sarah Hearn
the authorSarah Hearn
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