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Review: ‘Faces of Praise!’-B. Jeffrey Grant-Clark

New book proves pictures really are worth a thousand words

Faces of Praise new book
Now that his days at Verity are over, Grant-Clark has dived full-speed into photography and is sharing some of his photos with the world. Along with author, Carol M. Mackey, the two have paired his photos of artists and their songs with inspirational text, and prayers in “Faces of Praise!”
Faces of Praise! photo book“Faces of Praise!” is a pictorial journey through time as timeless artists, as well as those from the new school are captured in various stages of musical grandeur. The great Andraé Crouch is caught in the midst of worship, and Grant-Clark seems to capture him at just that moment when the legendary seems to be intimately connect with the Master.
And it’s hard not to  get immersed in the joy on the faces of artists like Travis Greene.  Other photos become an aperature that may transport the reader to a “I remember when”  or “I was there!”moment as the essence of the concert experience is conveyed through the lens.
Mackey does a great job of matching scripture not only to the song, but also the expressions captured on the face of each artist.  Isaiah 54:17 is on target for Fred Hammond‘s “No Weapon” as Grant-Clark captures the look of absolute determination on Hammond’s face. Then there’s the triumphant look on Dorinda Clark- Cole‘s face as she sings , “I’m Still Here,” perfectly encapsulated in Psalm 41:2.
“Faces of Praise!” is a gospel music lover’s dream come true. Perhaps  Kirk Franklin says it best in his forward at the book’s beginning:
” The images you see are of epic moments that might have been forgotten until seen again in this collection. This book is a  movement, artistry, ministry, and storytelling at its highest level.”
We wholeheartedly agree. Let’s hope this in the first in a series of great work from  B. Jeffrey Grant-Clark.  We’ll be waiting!
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Sarah Hearn
the authorSarah Hearn
Sarah Hearn is Editor-in-Chief of PositivelyGospel.com. Sarah founded the site to serve as a positive platform for gospel music news, to share all of the good things happening within the Gospel and Christian music industry. In 2017, the site was named one of the Top 50 Gospel and Christian Music websites. An ordained minister of the Gospel, Sarah has done missions work in Kenya, India, Haiti, Nicaragua and other nations, as well as locally and throughout the United States.

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