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Plumb Unveils New Video for 'Need You Now'

Today, May 15, Plumb unveiled the new video for her song “Need You Now.”

Currently available exclusively on NewReleaseTuesday.com, the video will launch on Plumb’s website and to a wide audience this evening. Showcasing a blend of studio footage, lyrics and her trademark high-energy live show, the video serves to complement the song’s lyrical message of hope and Plumb’s powerful vocal performance.

Plumb kicking off tour

The live performance in the video was shot in several concert cities, using GoPro-style filmmaking. To create the effect, cameras were mounted around the stage and on the band, including on Plumb’s chest, wrist and microphone, on the drummer’s chest, on the guitar, in the audience, and on various equipment around the stage.

The video comes as the song continues to gain traction, impacting multiple genres via Clear Channel’s iHeartradio Digital Artist’s Integration platform. The song seems to have taken on a life of it’s own, as “Need You Now’ has remained in high rotation with existing fans, while daily it seems to resonate with a new, broader audience.

The Need You Now video can be viewed immediately at http://nrt.cc/PlumbPremiere and tonight on http://www.plumbmusic.net

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