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Health and Home_Kara DavisDr. Kara Davis sees no conflict between her Christian faith and the science of medicine. Furthermore, she feels more Christians should take note of their health. “My new book is relevant to the Christian community because heart disease, while largely preventable, is the number one cause of death in America, and is just as common in Christians as in unbelievers,” she asserts. “Since the Holy Spirit equips us to lead a life of discipline, moderation and self- control, this should not be the case. The book gives valuable information on all the risk factors for heart disease, including those related to our mental, spiritual and emotional health. With this knowledge, we are equipped to lead a lifestyle that is heart-healthy.

Check out her new book “Spiritual Secrets to a Healthy Heart”!

Sarah Hearn
the authorSarah Hearn
Sarah Hearn is Editor-in-Chief of PositivelyGospel.com. Sarah founded the site to serve as a positive platform for gospel music news, to share all of the good things happening within the Gospel and Christian music industry. In 2017, the site was named one of the Top 50 Gospel and Christian Music websites. An ordained minister of the Gospel, Sarah has done missions work in Kenya, India, Haiti, Nicaragua and other nations, as well as locally and throughout the United States.

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