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Larnelle Harris tells his story in ‘Shaped Notes’

Larnelle Harris, a Hall of Fame inductee, tells his story in new book

Larnelle Harris book

One of my favorite artists, Larnelle Harris is releasing a book this month.  Yes, the 5-time Grammy winner and Hall  of Famer will release his first memoir on February 6, 2018. The name of the book: “Shaped Notes: How Ordinary People with Extraordinary Gifts Influenced my Life and Career.”  With this book, Larnelle Harris  shares a glimpse into his childhood and early career.

It promises to be a great book. Here’s a few excerpts from a press release:

Larnelle Harris in Hall of FameIn “Shaped Notes,” Harris shares some painful memories that he has never shared publicly. He recounts an incident as a young child when his parents were in a physical altercation and he “shot” his father with a toy cap gun: That gun was real to me in that moment…The noise stopped Dad in his tracks and he turned and looked at me, immediately let go of Mom, then went somewhere… 

He remembers his father going to jail for bootlegging and his mother crying out to God during those difficult times: “I believe now that prison was part and parcel of God answering Mom’s prayer…pain is a part of God’s plan for our lives. It refines us…” 

Larnelle Harris recalls some specific incidences of racial tension during the early years of his career:“We all stayed in a hotel and up and down the street, all night long, we could hear trucks speeding by. We were told the FBI was called and they somehow made certain our hotel was being protected…”

You can grab a copy of “Shaped Notes” at Amazon. I’ll be scooping one up. Will you?



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