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ICYMI: Three books worth reading

Have you read these books?

Debut book, Live The Life You Sing About

Here are three books  from authors in the DMV that  are worth reading. Check out a brief overview of each, then head over to Amazon to support these writers!

Live The Life You Sing About- How To Live With Integrity In The Gospel & Christian Music Industry by Andrea Williams -Publicist Andrea Williams Debut book, Live The Life You Sing Abouttackles spiritual and practical topics.  Williams knows from whence she speaks, having been worked at the Grammys and  having on her own agency that has clients that include independent artits as well as gospel greats. Her book talks of the importance of having a strong relationship with God and even narrates a life and death story where a Gospel artist saved a woman’s life. “Live the Life You Sing About: How to Live with Integrity in The Gospel & Christian Music Industry” shares spiritual topics such as the importance of prayer and Bible reading, why the Bible is important to the psalmist and eight ways Satan tries to destroy music ministries as well as business-related topics such as how artists can get funding for their next record, how artists can keep their music business on the up-and-up and what they should look for when hiring an artist manager. The new release speaks about the unique relationship between pastor and minister of music, whether artists should aim to “cross over” and how being an emotionally and physically healthy person enhances ministry. Ultimately, the book shows faith-based artists, church musicians, worship leaders and ministers of music how to live – in all aspects of their lives – with integrity. The book briefly topped the bestseller list on Amazon.

Ignoring The Noise: Focus in a Frantic World-Dominic Curry – This book was written to empower people to take authority over everything that attempts to derail their purpose and destiny. Many readers may find the book may help them to discover and recover the seed(s) of distraction, which will provoke them to abort the mission of destruction that distractions are known to produce. If ignorance truly is bliss, there are some things we must intentionally ignore.Dominic Curry new book

The Miniseries of Me: Fictional Short Stories Based on the Life of Shenee Edwards, by Shenee Edwards- The writer takes a chance on being transparent through fictional stories gleamed from her life. It’s an engaging read with stories that include from child molestation, rape, divorce and adultery. But make no mistake, the stories have a spiritual underpinning that gives hope and encourages self-introspection.

Miniseries of Me by Shenee Edwards

 On the horizon:

Word has it that books will be coming out in 2018 from industry insider Jerome Bell and super publicist Benita Bellamy. I’ll keep you posted on what I find out.

Sarah Hearn
the authorSarah Hearn
Sarah Hearn is Editor-in-Chief of PositivelyGospel.com. Sarah founded the site to serve as a positive platform for gospel music news, to share all of the good things happening within the Gospel and Christian music industry. In 2017, the site was named one of the Top 50 Gospel and Christian Music websites. An ordained minister of the Gospel, Sarah has done missions work in Kenya, India, Haiti, Nicaragua and other nations, as well as locally and throughout the United States.

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