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'GOD’S NOT DEAD' Movie Answers the Question: How Do You Know God Is Real?

Gods Not Dead movie opens in theaters March 21

Dr. Rice Broocks first became introduced to what we know as apologetics when, shortly after he gave his life to Christ as a college student at Mississippi State University, he found himself defending his faith against his law school student brother – who was an atheist. The debate ended with his brother ultimately giving his life to Christ and being baptized in the same weekend.

Pastor Rice Broocks  will see his book God's Not Dead hit the big screenEver the analytical mind, after being baptized, his brother said “you still didn’t answer my questions, but I think I was asking the wrong questions.” The big question, which Dr.Rice Broocks has wanted to answer ever since – is “How can you prove that God exists?”

His book, “GOD’S NOT DEAD” is filled with solid, easy to understand research that Broocks first undertook when he began to chronicle what his own answers would be when faced with that question.

Released in 2013, the book sparked so many media conversations about God’s existence that it caught the attention of Pure Flix Entertainment and the studio has turned it into an equally enlightening, entertaining and empowering film that will open in theaters around the country on March 21.

In the film, college freshman and devout Christian Josh Wheaton (Shane Harper) finds his faith challenged by a dogmatic and argumentative philosophy professor (Kevin Sorbo) who requires his students to disavow the existence of God on the first day of class. Josh finds himself having to choose between his faith and his future. He wants to fight for what he believes, but can he prove the existence of God not only to the professor but to his classmates?

Broocks says that he “wants people to come away from the film confident that God is not dead. I also want those who know God is not dead to renew their passion for seeking him, and to be able to prepare themselves to give reason for their hope to an unbelieving world around them as it says in Hebrews 11:6 and 1 Peter 3:15.”

Pastor Jamal Bryant, senior pastor and founder of Empowerment Temple in Baltimore, MD, recently spoke with Broocks about GOD’S NOT DEAD. Pastor Bryant says: “I am concerned about the deterioration of intelligence in the church; we tend to lean to emotionalism instead of sound theological study when it comes to the defense of the faith. What Rice Broocks is doing is so sorely needed.”

“GOD’S NOT DEAD” will open in theaters around the country March 21.

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