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Dr. Bobby Jones to Host Ami Rushes 'Stand Up For Jesus' Listening Party

Ami Rushes listening party heads to Chicago

Dr. Bobby Jones will host the listening party to introduce award-winning gospel artist Ami Rushes‘ upcoming studio album, Stand Up For Jesus on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 7 p.m. at the Crimson Lounge located in Hotel Chicago (formerly Hotel Sax Chicago).

“Stand Up for Jesus” is Rushes’ fifth studio effort compiled of original songs from guest songwriters, produced by Kurt Carr. In her consistent and successful ministry career of paying homage to great gospel legends, by remaking their songs, she decided it was time for something different.  This project is the birth of the spot-on signature sound of Ami Rushes that will pleasantly surprise listeners, and fans alike.

When asked why she chose Chicago to unveil her new project, Rushes exclaims, “I love Chicago and have always received a lot of support from Chi-town so what better place to have a listening party and give to back to the people that have been so supportive of this ministry,” states Rushes.

A big fan of Rushes, this will be Bobby Jones’ second time hosting her listening party. “Dr. Jones did such a an outstanding job hosting my last party that he was my first choice to host this one.”

Rushes is excited for this release because this is her “first totally original record” and she feels that “some of the best songwriters across America have written for this project.”

“I want this to be an evening of fellowship, ministry, good food and good music and I want people to walk away thinking about how they can Stand Up For Jesus,” states Rushes.

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