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D. Ross & Higher Calling Step Into Their 'Season'

Derrick Ross and group have new CD

D. Ross & Higher Calling have new CDDerrick Ross, founder of D. Ross & Higher Calling  has been making music for a while. Last year, Ross begun to share that music with the world.

In October, 2012, the Montgomery, AL native released his debut project, Season of Refreshing with his talented ensemble.

Ross  has a knack for taking songs and arranging them in a manner that brings out an array of emotions. He is also a prolific director, musician and songwriter. It is easy to see that his talents as a worship leader have permeated his musical identity.

Season of Refreshing is a 10-track CD that includes the lead singles which are the title track Refreshing” and “Hebrews 13:8”  Other songs include “Nobody But Jesus,” “You Are Holy” and “It’s My Time.” D. Ross & Higher Calling bring a fresh voice to the musical landscape. The songs are receiving airplay across the country.

D. Ross & Higher Calling  Season of Refreshing

Derrick Ross received vocal and piano training at Alabama State University.  He’s also very visible within the gospel community, having participated in GMWA, the Edwin and Walter Hawkins Seminar and many other organizations that has allowed him to continue to hone his craft.

The singer  has also directed community choirs from Montgomery, Mobile, Birmingham and Selma AL as well as worked with national and international  recording choirs. The group was formed back in 2008.

D. Ross & Higher Calling have chosen to abide by this  motto: “Stop stressing and start confessing!  All things work together for the good of those who love The Lord.” Each song on the album are reflective of that creed. They have been nominated for Group of the Year in the Black Essence Awards.

D. Ross & Higher Calling new album

You can get D. Ross & Higher Calling  Season of Refreshing  on Amazon and digital outlets. The group is set to release their sophomore album in the spring of 2015. You can stay connected  with the group on Facebook.

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