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Check It Enterprises and Arnold Place Inc. offer free resources to the community in February

On Thursday’s, in the month of February 2020, Check It Enterprises  and Arnold Place Inc.  have joined to impact the economic equity of underserved populations in the Washington DC Metro Area. This new partnership, currently, allows access to healthier food choices in food deserts and answers hunger. During the month of February 2020, Arnold Place Inc has added wraparound services such as free casual and business clothing and shoe giveaways, and financial literacy, creditworthiness, first time homebuying programs, at no cost, in its efforts to give all a fair chance at economic success.

Check it Enterprises and Arnold Place partner

Check It Enterprises, a retail store front and part event venue, located in Ward 8 at 1920 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, S.E. Washington DC, graciously allows Arnold Place use of its location one day a week to serve the community. During the month of love, Arnold Place Inc will continue its giveaway of free fresh food, and add free slightly worn business and casual clothing and shoe giveaways, and offer First Time Homebuying, Financial Literacy, and Creditworthiness Programs, at no cost, every Thursday in the month of February 2020. Persons with need or interest are invited to attend. The public is asked to bring their favorite

Dates: Every Thursday in February 2020 from 12 – 4pm beginning Thursday, February 6, 2020.

Address: Check It Enterprises, 1920 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave S.E., Washington D.C.

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