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'Beyond Grace' Inspirational Stage Play Hits Shelves Nationwide

Robyn L. Rease stage play deals with family issues.

“Beyond Grace” is an inspirational production staged in Woonsocket, RI. The DVD is available in stores nationwide today. This is the first nationally distributed release for writer and director, Robyn L. Rease, who has penned numerous faith-centered plays for over 20 years.

“Beyond Grace”  tells the story of Natalie Preston-Waith, an award-winning gospel recording artist, who temporarily suspends her career to spend more time at home dealing with the pressing issues that surround her children, Michal and Keneniah. Eighteen-year-old Ken is having some trouble deciding what he wants to do with his future; while Michal’s promiscuity while living on her college’s campus and her total disregard for her Christian upbringing have caused great tension between her and her parents. When tragedy strikes the family, Natalie and her husband, Malcolm, are determined to bring their family back together.

Robyn L. Rease’s poetry and plays portray sensitive issues that plague many parishioners, but demonstrate the healing power of a relationship with Christ. She has written more than a hundred skits and full-length plays and has directed and staged nearly forty of them at different churches and venues all across the east coast.

Some of Rease’s initial works includes; “Things Are Gonna Get Better” (1989), “Darkness in the Lighthouse” (1993, 1997); “The Lazarus Generation: The Resurrection of Generation X “(1990); and “Aid Me” (2001). Her more recent titles include “Moving Day”, “Moving Further Still”, “Scrambled Eggs”, “Empty Kitchen Chairs” – “The Stage Play”, “Forcin’ It”, and “Hoopin”. In 2007, she developed “Empty Kitchen Chairs” for the screen and shot the trailer for a feature length film.

The DVD is available in stores and online at www.amazon.com, www.maverickentertainment.cc, and where-ever DVD’s are sold online.

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Sarah Hearn is Editor-in-Chief of PositivelyGospel.com. Sarah founded the site to serve as a positive platform for gospel music news, to share all of the good things happening within the Gospel and Christian music industry. In 2017, the site was named one of the Top 50 Gospel and Christian Music websites. An ordained minister of the Gospel, Sarah has done missions work in Kenya, India, Haiti, Nicaragua and other nations, as well as locally and throughout the United States.

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