Ben Harrell pens new song,”Hallelujah,” featuring Aisha Bender

Ben Harrell is a songwriter with a passion to capture the hearts of his audience by giving words life. He’s committed to his craft and writes music across genres, but especially in the Gospel and Contemporary Christian music space He recently penned a song, “Hallelujah,” featuring Aisha Bender.

The prolific songwriter pens a song that celebrates the grace of God:

Hallelujah written by Ben Harrell“Standing here, wondering how, wondering why, why you saved me. All the things I’ve said, all the things I’ve said…”

With lyrics like that, the refrain can only be “Hallelujah” as Harrell drives home the point of how magnificent God is in his love, grace and ability to save. Bender leans into song and makes it her own. It’s a song that will speak to the heart of anyone who has experienced those moments.

This is one of a series of songs, that Harrell has penned, including “Always There” (feat. Paul Thompson) and “Nothing Is Impossible,” that featured Summer Pearson. Keep your eyes on Harrell. He’s carefully carving out his niche in the songwriter world.

“Hallelujah” is available on iTunes.


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