Author Stephanie Carter offers insight and valuable tips on homeschooling

Long-time home educator, Stephanie Carter is releasing her first book on Monday, August 3. The new author has been homeschooling for 11 years.  As concerns mount about children returning to the classroom this fall, the author delivers a timely book.  Whether taking the journey to homeschooling or overseeing a distance learning environment, Trials and Successes: Effective Teaching and Learning At Home  gives readers lots of inspiration as Stephanie Carter bookthey make critical decisions about their child’s education.

  • In Trials and Successes: Effective Teaching and Learning At Home  Stephanie Carter offers insight into the role of being a home educator, the different methods and strategies that can be used to home teach, and the advantages of parents taking complete responsibility of their children’s education.

Trials and Successes answers frequently asked questions and provides truths to some homeschooling misconceptions based on the author’s 11 years of homeschooling experience and research. With its helpful resources and tips, Trials and Successes is a book for families new to homeschooling and veteran homeschooling families alike.

The book is available for prep-order today at The pre-sale price is available now until August 3.

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