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Anthony Brown & group therAPy Snag Longest Running Top 10 Gospel Radio Single

Anthony Brown wins at ASCAP

Gospel Music Heritage month is shaping up to be a spectacular one for Anthony Brown & group therAPy. Not only are they still reeling over their first-ever Dove Award nomination but the group just discovered a new reason to celebrate as their lead single “Testimony” is the longest running current Top 10 gospel radio single in the nation!

Since entering the Top 10 of the Hot Gospel Songs Chart (Billboard issue date November 12, 2012) “Testimony” has been able to maintain its Top 10 status for an incredible forty-six (46) consecutive weeks. In addition, this single also holds the distinction of being the “overall” longest running current single on the Billboard Hot Gospel Songs (Top 30) Chart, racking up a successive 62-week run!

“This is no easy feat, especially for a new artist, as there have been a string of powerful hits at radio. Yet, “Testimony” continues to capture audiences with its undeniably catchy hook, danceable groove, and impeccable vocals,” said Jeff Hargrove, VP of Radio Promotions for Tyscot Music & Entertainment, “I’m also certain that their follow up single “Do It Again” will continue to establish Anthony Brown & group therAPy as one of the industry’s new young stars”.

On  Youtube  the views for the concept video for “Testimony”  are surging towards the 200,000 mark.

Tyscot Music & Entertainment president Bryant Scott, expressed his elation over this monumental milestone: “Anthony Brown & Group TherAPy have an awesome anointing. I knew that Testimony was destined for greatness the first time I heard it. And the amazing thing is that there is so much more to be discovered because their CD is full of great songs,” said Scott.

“When you have this type of success with radio and the people, it is a great responsibility for the artist to continue to deliver great material,” said Tyscot A&R Director Sidney Scott, “with such an amazing project I truly believe that Anthony Brown & group therAPy have the makings of a very bright future in this business.”

In spite of the massive success of their first single, the group does not see this as an opportunity to relax; quite the contrary! Anthony Brown & group therAPy are revving things up in order to keep the momentum going. Currently, they are hitting the road promoting their self-titled album as well as introducing audiences to their follow-up single “Do It Again.”

The Dove Award nominated project from Anthony Brown & group therAPy is available in stores and online.


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