Album Review: Love and the Outcome-'Love and the Outcome'

Chris Rademaker and Jodi King make up the duo, Love and the Outcome. The duo have had quite a few life experiences, having sold their Winnipeg condo and then embarking on a musical road trip that took them to countries as diverse as Canada, Liberia, the Philippines and China.

Their self-titled debut album is somewhat autobiographical and the duo are master storytellers who connect faith with everyday life.  Listeners may easily find stories that mirror their own lives on the 11-track album.

The songs on Love and the Outcome  were co-written by King and Rademaker and they also enlisted top notch writers Seth Mosley, Ben Glover, Jason Ingram, Dave Barnes and Sanctus Real’s Matt Hammitt.

The first track, ‘When We Love” immediately draws the listeners in with its infectious pop sensibilities. The song draws parrallels between God’s love and the love we experience here on earth.  An up-tempo call to reach out and  uplift others in thought or deed, ‘When We Love” is easy to keep on repeat.

“The Story You’re Building in Me” is  a ballad that chronicles the path, both good and not so good that we travel that ultimates leads to a story that has been built in us by the Great Architect. “City of God” is a call to be the light and reflection of who God wants us to be as his city.

The lead single, “He is with Us,” is a little pop and a little rock, a combination that works very well. The song is currently making its way up the chart and no doubt its ability to meld genres is appealing to listeners, as well as its lyrics that remind us that God is always there.

Love and the Outcome is an album that immediately feels like a great friend that you want to keep around for years to come. Rademaker and King have given listeners a glimpse into their life’s journey with Love and the Outcome by invited them into the living room of their hearts.

Halfway in, we begin to realize that we have become more than musical voyeurs and have connected with each song as the duo weaves a tapestry of real world experience, faith and confidence in the one that they sing about.

Picks: “He Is With Us,” “When We Love,” “The Story You’re Building In Me”

Sarah Hearn
the authorSarah Hearn
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