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Album Review: Kristene DiMarco ‘Mighty’

Mighty is Kristene DiMarco launches her first release with Jesus Culture Music’s partnership with Capitol CMG and is well worth the music lover’s investment. Recorded live earlier this year in Redding, CA, the 11-track project showcases DiMarco’s songwriting. She artfully  combines string melodies, a choir, and passionate lyrics to create a  powerful worship album.

DiMarco’s voice is hauntingly beautiful and with each intonation her worship comes through as authentic and pure. That fact that this is a live album makes the songs even more powerful as the listener gets a sonic glimpse into the magnitude of the worship experience that night.

Stand out tracks include “I Will Follow You,” “Over And Over Again,”  “Song Of Your Love” and the title track lives up to its name as it extols the mightiness of God. Purchase here



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